2 Must Have Items for the Arrival of Your New Horse - Plus 3(+?) Things That Are Super Nice to Have!

As you might have gathered - Sarah has a brand new horse! And as Sarah hasn't had a new horse for awhile (just two oldy mouldy ones that have been around for years!), it has been a little bit of a learning curve. So here are two items that you MUST HAVE before the arrival of a new horse (please learn from Sarah's rookie mistakes, and try not to laugh at her too much!).

1. A New Feed Bucket!

Yes, Sarah did forget that she would have three mouths to feed, not just two. And of course, you can't just feed two horses, and leave one waiting, as we all know that hungry horses don't wait! So learn from Sarah, and save yourself the three hour hunt in a dark, cold, cobwebby shed (to find anything that resembled a usable bucket!), and spend the 10 or so dollars on a basic feed bucket for your new horse, in advance!

(And in case you are wondering, our Smythesdale Saddlery sells basic flexi buckets for $9.00, over-fence hanging buckets for $24.95, or tyre feeders for just $27.00. Pity Sarah forgot she owned this magical saddlery...)

2. A New Halter (that fits!)

When getting a new horse, ensure you have plenty of halters available and within easy reach for when your horse arrives, and particularly one that fits. Trying to fit a shetland sized halter on to a 16.2hh thoroughbred because it's all you can find in a hurry, really just doesn't work (no matter how hard you try!).

So, now that we have dealt with the two absolute essentials(!) here are three(+++?) more handy items that are super nice to have, for when your new horse arrives:

1. A New Grooming Kit

Sometimes, despite having had horses for over 20 years, it can be really tricky to come up with a half decent brush in your tack room. And even we still can't figure out where all those damn hoof picks disappear to! So, save yourself some frustration and disappointment, and get a few basic grooming items together for when your new horse arrives - as we all know that new horsey needs to look extremely beautiful (even if your existing horses haven't seen a brush for the past two years!).

2. A New Saddle Pad (A Pretty and Trendy One Of Course!)

Hands up who doesn't have a saddle pad obsession! Nope - didn't think anyone around here could claim such a thing! A new horse always needs a lovely new saddle pad - in the latest 'in' colour and trendiest style you can possibly find. Ignore your boring 'Significant Other', who says your previous 200 saddle pads, sitting in your tack room, might be enough - go and get the 201st - as new horsey couldn't possibly wear one that has the slightest trace of dirt, grime or hair from your other horses! And one really does need to make a statement and show off said new horsey at the earliest opportunity - and they need brand new accessories to look their best - obviously! 

(And in the coming weeks you will discover that Sarah has indeed chosen the trendiest saddle pad ever for her new horse!)

3. Any Other Brand New Pretty Horse Gear You Can Possibly Get Away With Buying!

It is a well known fact that new horses need lots of pretty new gear, so why stop with the bucket, halter, grooming kit and saddle pad - because you might as well go all out and get the matching bandages, boots, ears, three different types of rugs, a new bridle and bit (because your existing ones just won't do!), and, maybe even a new saddle! Hell, whilst you are at it, buy yourself some new breeches, boots, gloves and that super trendy blingy helmet you saw last week (at One Stop Horse Shop), because buying new horse gear for you and your new horse, is just down right fun!

And...that's what One Stop Horse Shop is for...we love kitting you and your horses out with the bestest, greatest, super trendy gear out there (at super duper affordable prices that will make it slightly less likely for hubby to hit the roof when he discovers his credit card statement!).

Go on - just buy it all - you know you want to!

(Disclaimer: One Stop Horse Shop takes no responsibility for maxed out credit cards, overdrawn bank accounts or somewhat confused husbands who come home to their living room filled with piles of new horse gear!)