A 'Snowball' Story - to brighten up your Monday(!)...

On this dull and dreary, uninspiring Monday afternoon, we thought we would provide a little bit of cute entertainment, by featuring our much loved pint sized ball of equine fluff - 'Snowball'.

Snowball, as you can see from the photos, is in fact a little BLACK miniature pony. He was given to our son Oliver, for his second birthday, from Toby's parents, who were determined (despite Toby's reluctance) to provide their first grandchild with his first pony!

Now this little pony, has sure made an impact on our little family. Because, what he lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in character! His shrill high pitched neighs, tiny galloping hooves, and cute little nose, provides plenty of entertainment for all of us, and even Toby (the miniature pony sceptic!) now thinks he is 'rather sweet & really quite cool'(!).

And whilst Oliver has only been brave enough to sit on Snowball a whole three times, in the three years we have had him, Oliver simply adores his little pony friend. And our plucky little Sophie, always insists on helping to feed him a handful of hay each evening.

He really is a lovely little guy to have around our paddocks. And now, with no further ado, your promised little bit of cute this dreary Monday...


statusponypad-snowball-1.jpg statusponypad-snowball.jpg