New lower stock feed pricing for Smythesdale! (Plus Hygain Allrounder is on sale @ $12.00!)

In an effort to continually improve our offering to our lovely loyal local customers, we have now lowered our feed prices!

Come in to our Smythesdale store and check them out, or sample pricing can be found online in our 'Stock Feed' category. Just keep in mind we don't have everything on our website, in stock at all times, so if there is anything in particular you aren't sure about, or wish to order, just let us know.

We have now reduced our popular Robinsons Chaff, plus introduced new pricing on many of our other premixed feeds. 

A selection of our new pricing as follows:

  • Robinsons Combo Chaff (25kg): $22
  • Robinsons Oaten Chaf (25kg)f: $20
  • Robinsons Lucerne Chaf (23kg): $24
  • Mitavite Gumnuts (20kg): $29
  • Prydes Easi Response (25kg): $29
  • Barastoc Complete Performer/Completo (20kg): $24


Our new every-day price for the ever popular All Rounder will be $13.00, but for the next couple of weeks, we are offering it at just $12.00 a bag (whilst stocks last)! Be quick and stock up!

Don't forget we also offer stock feed and other products for a variety of different animals, including dogs, cats, chooks, alpacas, sheep, and goats.

A small sample of our other items:

  • Breeders Choice Cat Litter (30L): $18.50
  • Horsemate Stable Bedding: $7.50
  • Cobber Working Dog Food: $36
  • Golden Yolk Layer Pellets: $15.50
  • Laucke Alpaca Blend: $23.00

And stay tuned over the next week or two, as we are hoping to bring on board a new feed supplier, so we can offer an even larger (and more cost effective!) range of chaff and grains!