Product Review: The 'Life Changing' Equi-Prene Anti-Gall Dressage Tube Girth!

The Equi-Prene Anti-Gall Dressage Tube Girth is relatively new to the One Stop Horse Shop range. And it would appear to be quite the dandy addition, as not only is it great for dressage saddles, but we have also discovered that it does the job quite nicely for some stock saddles too.

Our amazing staff member, Leanne, gave one a go on her new (second-hand) stock saddle the other day. Leanne has a one-eyed chestnut quarter horse gelding, named Dartty (D'Artagnan – i.e: after the musketeer). They do lots of trail riding together. And whilst Leannes ‘new’ stock saddle came fully mounted, the girth it came with was unfortunately a tad big on her nifty little quarter horse. So she grabbed one of the Equi-Prene tube girths off our awe-inspiring shelves, and decided to try it out.

Now normally, in a previous life, Leanne might have chosen to go with one of our competitors brands of girth (of which we shall not name), but now that she works for such an amazing up and coming saddlery (yes One Stop Horse Shop!) – she has become a bit of a convert.

Because whilst we love sourcing high quality products, we also take it as a challenge, to price things as competitively as possible – to of course offer the best value we can to our customers.

So, with her very competitively priced yet high quality tubular girth in hand, she went about tacking up her noble trail riding steed, for a highly adventurous ride – around the block. But before you start laughing – a ride around the block isn’t as innocent or as straight forward as it may sound. Especially with a very enthusiastic, but rather one-sided horse, with one eye. Negotiating a unique combination of scary green wheelie bins, kids on bikes, yapping dogs and the odd bellowing calf in a rural area, can be a tad unnerving for a one-eyed horse. So said girth certainly received a decent workout as a result.

Because despite Leannes best efforts and incredible riding skill, Dartty at times does like to perform the most stunning piaffe, side-passes, and even ‘airs above the ground’ for a fair proportion of each ride. And no, not because she asked it of him(!).

But from Leannes glowing reports of this spectacular Equi-Prene Anti-Gall Dressage Tube Girth, her saddle, and this soon-to-be-famous girth, remained perfectly in place. There was no sliding backwards or forwards, despite Darttys excitement at showing off his flash new gear to the entire neighbourhood.

Leanne also remarked how the stainless steel buckles on the Equi-Prene girth ‘did up really nicely’ and apparently ‘felt just as good as any of the other more expensive brands’.

Apon returning from their adventure ‘around the block’, Leanne happily noted that indeed, there were no girth galls present on her noble steed (thanks to the quality anti-gall material), and simply hit the girth with a hose, to rinse off his lather of sweat, to keep it looking ‘tip-top’. Easy and quick maintenance, for us time-strapped riders, is after all, a great bonus.

So, at $59.95, this girth is seriously good value for such a life-changing product. Whether you ride dressage, or prance happily along the trails in a stock saddle, if you need a good, sound, straightforward and comfortable girth – it’s well worth a go.

Or, if you need a longer length than a dressage girth can provide, we can get those too, with the same ‘Equi-Prene’ quality (combined with the most amazing and lovely customer service you will ever find)…

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P.S. Leanne was also proud to report that no ‘unplanned dismounts’ occurred during her gallant testing of this product.