Coprice NutriRice Stamina & Performance 20kg

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NutriRice Stamina & Performance is formulated to supply cool, sustained energy making it an ideal feed for horses and ponies that are involved in endurance, 3 day eventing, polocrosse, jumping and other intense equine sports. NutriRice Stamina & Performance is steam extruded for increased digestibility and contains a high level of biotin for strong healthy hooves. Chromium is added to assist the regulation of glucose (energy) to muscle tissues.

NutriRice Stamina & Performance is formulated to be low in starch and high in fat and digestible fibre. The high fat level is able to be used by the horse when it is working aerobically which helps conserve stored muscle energy (glycogen) for when it is required during intense exercise.

The high fat level also helps to reduce the metabolic heat load on horses. This results in NutriRice Stamina & Performance being the ideal feed for all environments.
NutriRice Stamina & Performance contains a blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for good skin health and a glossy coat.


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