Equest Plus Tape Wormer

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With the addition of praziquantel, the new Equest Plus Tape now controls tapeworm in addition to other major gastrointestinal worms and bots in horses. Tapeworm in the horse is a cause of colic and its control is critical to any worming program.

Equest Plus Tape is the only horse wormer that is long lasting, with re-treatment recommended after 14-16 weeks compared to after 6-8 weeks with other wormers.

Equest Plus Tape is also the only horse wormer to have a registered claim to control encysted small strongyles in a single dose. Small strongyle worms hibernate or “encyst” in the lining of the horse’s gut and can cause colic.

Equest Plus Tape has a unique gel formulation that dissolves rapidly on the tongue, very important for fussy and difficult horses. The dial up syringe is designed with a narrow barrel to allow easy access into the side of the horse’s mouth and deliver the right dose every time.


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