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Freemantle Lucerne Chaff 25kg

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Freemantle Stockfeeds lucerne chaff is steam cut and dust reduced. It is an good source of roughage for horses, cattle sheep and goats. When used as part of a balanced diet It also contributes significant levels of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins.

Lucerne chaff is ideally suited for mixing and feeding in combination with oaten and wheaten chaff together with grain and protein meal based concentrates. Mixing chaff with concentrates can help to slow the rate of feed intake and reduce the risk of rumen acidosis in ruminants and hindgut acidosis in horses.

Lucerne chaff can also be fed as part of the diet of laying hens as a source of both nutrients and natural pigments that contribute to yolk colouration.


Crude Protein: 17 %
Lysine: 0.81%
Methionine: 0.16%
Crude Fibre: 26 %
Calcium: 1.2 %
Phosphorous: 0.22 %
Digestible Energy Horse: 9.5 MJ/kg Dry Matter
Metabolisable Energy Ruminant: 8.7 MJ/kg Dry Matter
Metabolisable Energy Poultry: 3.3 MJ/kg Dry Matter


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