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Jeremy & Lord Soft Nappa Grip Reins (Full Size)

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As reviewed by the One Stop Horse Shop team:

These reins have now become Sarah's absolute favourite - and are now her every-day, every-purpose set!

They feel super soft in your hands, so no blisters here (even for the most delicate of hands).

Totally flexible feel (unlike some stiff leather reins) - that like totally gives you that magical connection to your horse, dude.

They have subtle rein stop grippy bits at various intervals - that can help you keep a firm hold on any cantankerous beasts. (Yet no one else will see them, so shhhh)

Fancy enough for the dressage ring, but super nice to use every-day too.

Round circle type things (stoppers?) to prevent martingale rings from ending up caught on your bit (you don't want THAT type of excitement whilst riding!).

In a nutshell - we like them.

From Jeremy & Lord:

Luxurious soft Nappa leather hand grip.

Combining exceptional quality and value, Jeremy & Lord® Fine Bridleware will satisfy the needs of the most discerning equestrian.

Handmade by skilled artisans trained in the best British tradition, whose pride of craftsmanship can be seen in every article bearing the Jeremy & Lord® name.

Each piece is elegantly hand-sewn, edged and hand-finished.

Black - full size (145cm).


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