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Nungar Knots 'SuitYaSelf' 12 Foot Lead Rope (14mm)

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The super clever and versatile Nungar Knots 'Suityaself' training lead rope!

The Suityaself name refers to your ability to vary how you use the lead. This lead rope is constructed with a spliced loop at one end for easy attachment and removal of the clip of your choice. The other end is finished with a high quality leather popper. This particular lead comes with a cast bull clip.

You can then ‘suityaself’ as to whether you use the lead with the supplied clip, your own clip or no clip at all. 

The Nungar Knots lead ropes are constructed from double braided polyester yachting rope in 14mm. These lead ropes are widely used by people who require a high quality, soft yet very strong rope. They are suited to all types of training and general horse activities. The loops and clip attachments are made using a proper eye splice which leaves the core intact inside the sheath. This method maintains the strength and integrity of the rope.

About Nungar Knots

Nungar Knots are an Australian business supplying quality rope products. The craftsmen at Nungar Knots take pride in every item that they make, ensuring only the highest quality products are sold. There are strict guidelines that must be adhered to in the making of any Nungar Knots product. This level of quality assurance begins with rope selection and follows right through to the careful packaging of each product.Only the highest quality materials are purchased for manufacture.

The clips and rings use both stainless steel and cast metal, which are made to a high standard to ensure total product quality. The double braided polyester yachting rope and the budget polypropylene headstall rope are made in Australia, allowing a rigid control on the quality of rope used.


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