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Joseph Lyddy One Stop Leather Dressing 1L

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Joseph Lyddy's One Stop, the leather dressing that does it all, softens, shines and conditions in one action.

Specially formulated for all leather products: saddles, harness, travel goods, upholstery, gloves, belts, race and trotting gear, boots and shoes, coats and jackets, sporting goods.

Instructions for use:
Wipe surface clean. Shake vigorously before use and apply evenly with a smooth soft cloth or a smooth soft brush. Allow to penetrate and polish with smooth soft cloth. Assist penetration by standing in warm sun. Apply one, two or three coats as conditions may require. When dry polish vigorously with a smooth soft cloth or use plain paper for a high gloss.

Made of Beeswax in mineral oils.

Size: 1 Litre plastic bottle.


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