Clutter Clear Your Way Towards (Horse-Life) Success!

You know that feeling, when you just seem to be stuck?

Stuck in a boring rut?

You’re doing lots of mundane things – going through the daily motions of life – but achieving nothing important?

You just go to work, come home and crash.

Then the weekend rolls around and you just can’t be bothered moving off the couch.

And those horses of yours are just getting fat, lazing about in the paddock – cause riding, well ‘meh, it can wait until later’…

Maybe when you have more energy, or more time…

Or whatever excuse makes you feel better at the time.

You’re flat. You’re unmotivated. Tired and worn out. And just feel blah.

Yep – I’ve been there. And just about everyone ends up here at some point.

But the question is, how do you fix it? How the hell do you drag yourself up off the couch, and start moving again?

Cause right now…everything feels super hard.

Well a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a very useful strategy.

It pulled me out of a bit of a slump, where I was tired and unmotivated.

And funnily enough, it was my mother who gave me a gentle, loving push in the direction of the answer.

My mums super-practical solution – and yep you may have heard this from your own mum at times too – is clutter clearing!

But before you start an angry rampage towards me for suggesting such an evil thing – clearing the physical ‘crap’ out of your house, workspace or most importantly here (when talking about horses) – TACK ROOM – really can move mountains.

Yep, you heard me right – it can MOVE MOUNTAINS!

Because often when we are busy, tired and a little overwhelmed – we neglect basic tasks, such as clearing rubbish, tidying, sorting and cleaning.

It’s just too much effort right?

So it builds up. You make excuses about being tired – which is often perfectly valid.

But it continues to build, and then builds some more.

Until suddenly you realise you’re sitting amongst a HUMONGOUS pile of crap – FEELING like crap!

Sound familiar?

And funnily enough, the state of your physical environment quite often REFLECTS your emotional and mental state.

Uh oh!

But the thing is, knowing this simple fact, makes it much easier to get up and fix it.

Because the relief you feel once you have sorted out all your physical ‘stuff’ actually quite often calms your busy, frantic mind – or simply makes you feel lighter and brighter.

And gives you more energy!

Then, as if by magic, you suddenly feel enthused about the world again. The heavy weight on your shoulders dissipates.

And life just doesn’t seem as hard or as dramatic as it did before.

So how does this have an impact on horses?

Well, horses require energy, enthusiasm and motivation.

So if your tack room / feed shed looks like a small tornado has hit it – you will quite probably feel less inclined to do too much with your horse.

But imagine how you might feel, if your tack area was neatly organised, with your shiny saddles neatly arranged on stands. Your bridles hanging on glossy black hooks above.

With all your horse gear – clean and ready to go?

Would that not feel good? Would it not inspire you to lovingly lift that beautiful gear off your well-arranged and coordinated wall, deck out your horse in his beautiful gear – and ride off, into the sunset?

Well, possibly I’m being a little optimistic here.

Clutter clearing and getting organised may not solve every problem you ever had.

But the point is - it does really help.

And often, just getting up and doing the dishes, or tidying your bedroom or cleaning the bathroom – can actually help in moving you forwards in a positive manner.

Even when life really seems far too daunting to face – methodically sorting out your physical stuff – quite often makes a dark mood disappear or the solution to a problem magically appear.

The other week, when my mother gave me her gentle, loving push – she just made me START the clutter clearing process. In a tiny corner of our house.

And suddenly, once I began, I couldn’t stop. In fact I didn’t stop clearing, cleaning and organising until 10pm that night.

The next day – I was on my horse.

And life felt better.

The End.


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