Happy Mothers Day 2018

My mum is probably going to hate this post.

When normally, she loves my writing.

In fact, she stalks One Stop Horse Shop’s Facebook page religiously. She is our biggest fan.

She hangs off my every word. She believes it’s all perfect. Every. Single. Time.

Even when I can’t see it myself.

Which really is the thing about mums. They always believe in us. No matter what.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much you think you are failing in life, your mum is there, telling you how wonderful you are. (Or possibly giving you a well deserved clip across the ears instead!)

And those supportive words give you a boost and encourage you to keep fighting for your dreams.

But it’s not often that mums themselves, accept any accolades.

They don’t think they are anything particularly special – they are after all - ‘just being a mum’.

My mum however IS amazing. But she won’t ever accept the compliment.

She thinks she isn’t noteworthy, as she hasn’t set the world on fire, with an amazing job or career.

But in fact, the very opposite is true. As careers do not define you. Life does!

Because she literally is the strongest woman I have ever known.

Mum not only raised myself, and my two brothers, with limited support. But she also cared for numerous other sick family members over the years, all at the same time.

She handled many a drama as we were growing up. And gave up all of herself, to protect us.

And for that, I think she is pretty darn special!

I bet she is cringing – whilst reading this. As she isn’t used to being in the public eye.

Sorry mum!

I hope you can forgive me, for putting you front and centre today.

But in the spirit of Mothers Day, I feel it deserved to be said.

So thanks mum for always being there – and gunning for me (and this business)!

And here’s to all the other amazing mums out there.

With two crazy kids of my own (who are currently rampaging through my once neat and tidy shop!) - I know it’s not easy being a mum. Kids test your patience and your resilience, in every possible way.

But mums – please always know how amazing you are.

Because no matter how frustrating, exhausting and emotionally draining kids can be, they will (hopefully) appreciate you – eventually(!).

And despite the constant feeling of guilt that you are doing everything wrong by your kids – as my amazing mum says – ‘it all comes out in the wash’ and they will do just fine.

(At least I can only live in hope!)

Happy Mothers Day!


P.S A shout out too, to my equally amazing mother-in-law. Who somehow seems to calm me, just by walking through the door

P.P.S The photo is what our five year old son Oliver, made for me at school. It's a 'hug card' apparently!