How To Shake Off The Winter Blues (And Survive The Last Month of Winter!)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really been hating winter this year.

If you are in the northern parts of Australia, it may not be quite so bad. But down here in the Southern states, and particularly in Ballarat, it’s been friggin freezing.

But it’s not just been the cold. The wind here has been crazy! We have indeed been fearing for the roof of our house – but luckily thus far it hasn’t come off yet.

However our kids have lost their prized new trampoline (despite it being pegged down securely it still managed to fly over our backyard fence and crash in to the trees in our back paddock!) – and I can’t even count the times that I’ve held my breath as I’ve watched my young Thoroughbred skidding and sliding at rapid speed towards fences and very hard, solid gates. Thankfully, no injuries yet, but there has been many a close call.

I’m quite over trying to mix horse feeds in the morning, with ice cold water that makes my hands burn and ache – and then turn completely numb.

I’m really over having to scrape mud off my horses on the odd occasion its been nice enough to ride.

And I’m totally done with feeding horses in the driving rain and in total darkness!

So today I have come up with some strategies, that I am going to adopt from this point forward.

Strategies to help shake off those ‘winter blues’.

And strategies to help us all survive the final month of a long, horrible winter.

So that we can start looking forward to Spring arriving, at long last.

The question is…will you join me, in my revolt against winter?

If so - lets go!

1. Start Thinking Positively – And Turn Everything Upside Down!

The first thing you need to master, to shake off these winter blues – is to turn your thinking around, or completely UPSIDE DOWN!

Its really easy I know to let the winter blues get the better of you. It’s too cold, too wet, too muddy, too windy, and riding is simply just not happening. And that tends to be exactly what we dwell on.

Trouble is, the more you dwell on these negatives, the more it will drag you further down the rabbit hole. And this negativity will set the tone for everything you do, every single day.

So how you stop this downhill spiral of negative thoughts?

You make a conscious decision to focus on the positives instead.

Rainy weather is great! In fact in parts of Australia, there are farmers who would dearly love more rain. So celebrate the rain! The rain fills up our water tanks (or catchments), our dams and makes things grow. Hooray for the rain!

Wind is probably my most hated form of weather. However it does indeed dry out the mud in the paddocks, so you and your horses don’t have to slosh around so much. Yay for the wind!

Too wet and horrible to ride? Don’t despair! Catch up on watching horse training or riding videos on YouTube or read your favourite inspiring horse books. Take the time to research and learn something new about horses.

So your task here is: Take a negative event or thought you’re are experiencing – and find a way to turn it upside down, into a positive!

It makes you feel much better, I promise!

Repeat after me…’I love this fantastic cold, wet weather!’

(Come on…you can do it!)

2. Get Grateful!

Speak to any great rider, coach or successful person and they will undoubtably tell you that when things get tough – GET GRATEFUL.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or can’t currently do – focus on what you DO HAVE and what you CAN DO instead.

Apparently, being grateful attracts more great things in to your life!

(So let me know if it works!)

3. Set Some Springtime Goals

The last few weeks of winter can get really tough. You’re itching to just get out there and start riding horses again. You’re desperate for some sunshine!

But if the weather is just not playing the game for you – why not use this time to start thinking forward and setting some goals for Spring.

This helps inspire you for when the weather is good again – and helps project your mindset into Spring, as if it were here already.

Maybe you’d like to finally conquer that flying lead change with your horse. Or it might be a good time to join some type of riding club.

Whatever the goal, have a think about it, write it down – and even visualise it in your mind, and really FEEL what Spring is going to be like.

I know – visualising might seem a bit airy fairy and silly. But trust me, your imagination is a powerful tool, and getting into powerful mindset habits like this can really change the way you feel and act now, and in the future.

And yep, it can completely turn that blue mood upside down.

4. Get Your Horse Gear Organised – and Ready To Go NOW!

To follow on from last weeks Clutter Clearing post, getting all your horse gear clean and organised, ready for Spring – is a great way of spending the last few weeks of winter.

You’ll feel better knowing you are doing SOMETHING to move towards getting back on to your horse.

And you will then be able to simply grab your gear and go, the second the nice weather appears.

This cleaning and organising process will also reveal whether you need to fix or replace any of your horse gear. Cause there would be nothing worse than finally getting that bit of sunshine, and discovering you can’t ride anyway because your gear is no good.

Which leads me to my final point:

5. Hit Some Retail Therapy For Inspiration

Oh yes, I know. We run a horse shop so of course we were going to suggest you buy something(!).

But, hear me out – my advice comes from the best of my most helpful intentions (pinky swear!).

Simply put, if your horse gear is broke - you won’t be able to ride when a nice patch of weather hits.

That would suck. That would be frustrating – to the max!

Secondly, buying something brand spanking new for your horse, really makes you feel amazing!

When you buy something new that you love – you can’t wait to try it on and to use it, right?

And therefore, the minute the weather is suitable, you’ll be back on that horse pronto!

It’s a great motivational and inspirational tool.

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For the love of winter, and until next time...

Sarah (& The Team)
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