We're Changing The Way We Do Business!

One Stop Horse Shop was first established in 2010, by Sarah & Toby – who have lovingly grown it into the powerhouse it is today.

Back then – the eCommerce and online shopping marketplace were vastly different however. Particularly in the horse industry!

Therefore in an effort to drive innovation and thrive in a rapidly growing and changing digital landscape – Sarah & Toby have decided to change the way in which One Stop Horse Shop operates.

But don’t despair – this change is a positive one!

Up until now, we’ve kept as many items in stock as possible, but many others have been offered online and ordered in on demand.

This has worked really well - up until recent months.

However! After opening up our physical retail store in Smythesdale and experiencing rapid growth – we now have a much larger product range from a wider variety of different suppliers. Whilst this has been very exciting - it has posed challenges in being able to accurately keep up to date with our suppliers stock levels as well as our own.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this has caused a few delays with orders. On the odd occasion some items have become unavailable with our suppliers, unbeknownst to us – which has caused inconvenience to our lovely and loyal customers.

Therefore, in an effort to serve our customers the best way we can – Toby & Sarah have made the decision to predominately move towards ONLY selling the products on the One Stop Horse Shop website that are currently in stock.

We have also moved towards greater transparency for customers when they view products on our website – with the addition of accurate stock level reporting on each product.

The hope is that this will eliminate any confusion around delivery times – as in most cases – everything on the website that can be purchased, will be sent out within 24 – 48 hours.

Which will happily result in much speedier delivery times!

The only exception to this rule, will be a selection of higher priced items such as bridles and saddles, which will continue to be available as pre-order items, that may have a 2 – 3 week wait before shipment.

As we transition to this new way of operating – it will mean that we will be temporarily offering less products for purchase online.

However we will be working hard to build up our stock levels to ensure we have an even better range of exciting and affordable horse gear and rider clothing - available to ship immediately – as quickly as we can.

This change will also help with your Christmas shopping – as everything available online will be shipped much faster, which will allow you more confidence when ordering in the lead up to December 25th :)

If you discover a product you require is out of stock – or if you have any specific product requests – please shoot us an email to enquire.

Likewise, if you have any questions, just let us know.

Thanks so much for your continued loyalty – and stay tuned, for we have some fantastic things planned for 2019!

With the greatest appreciation and love,

Sarah & Toby

(& the kids – Oliver & Sophie)