What's Hot! (& What's Not...)

You may have wondered why we've been a bit quiet on the email front over the last few weeks...

And I bet you've been missing us like crazy(!).

But there has been a really good reason for our absence...promise!

It might even interest you if you love horses - and might also be a mum(!).

Cause we've been busy launching a really cool new initiative...

Introducing...[cue the drum roll!]

The Horsey Mums Collective!

Say what now?

Well, it's basically a membership platform, where horse-loving mums can get heaps of awesome learning content and support - to successfully juggle horses and kids - and get back in to the saddle after babies.

It's totally cool!

What's even cooler - is that you can currently score a 5 Day Trial for JUST $1.00!

You can get the scoop on that here: http://bit.ly/2QHjpFm

But if you're not a mum - or just want the horsey shopping goss on what's hot for Spring rider fashion right now - we've got you covered!

We've had a stack of great new Spring jackets and breeches arrive in from our lovely friends at Horze (imported direct from Europe just for us!), which you can check out below.

And now I guess we should get to the 'Whats Not Hot' part.

Right now, that would be the ridiculous ever-changing weather down in the Southern parts of Australia (especially Ballarat/Smythesdale where we are!).

Mega frustrating when you get that little glimpse of Spring sunshine, and then it's bucketing rain and freezing five minutes later (just as you pull on your breeches for a ride!).

It certainly makes riding and bringing horses back in to work that little bit trickier.

But to fight off the gloom and doom, check out our cute little Snowball - enjoying one of those sunny glimpses we've had recently.

The video below is sure to brighten your dial...

Until next time,

The One Stop Horse Shop Team
(Totally The Greatest Horse Shop in the World!)