​Why Black Coloured Flyveils Are Best (And Why Anything Else Belongs In The Bin!)

Ok. So at One Stop Horse Shop, we’ve certainly written about the value and benefits of a good quality flyveil for horses over the many years we’ve been in business.

We’ve spoken at length about why we choose to primarily stock Flyveils By Design and why we recommend them.

You might like to read our previous blog posts later (links below).

But in a nutshell, Flyveils By Design have been made for many years with a good design that is both safe and comfortable for the horse. The mesh they use is high quality with 70% UV protection – and they tend to last many seasons.

Our favourite bit is that they are made by hand in country Victoria, by a family owned company! Go Aussie Made & Owned!

And we have also mentioned on many an occasion, that BLACK coloured mesh flyveils are best.

Not bright blue. Not white. Not cream. Not purple, pink, yellow or orange.

No crazy eyes to make your horse look silly or funky patterns that match your saddle pad.


Only black.

Plain black even.

Because no matter how ‘pretty’ other colours might seem.

No matter how popular the fancy, colourful designs might be.

And yep, even though Flyveils By Design offer other colours as well (simply due to market demand).

We only stock black.

Because if you put anything other than black (or at the very least ‘very dark navy’) on your horse – he won’t be able to see!

Like anything, dude!

No one can see clearly through lighter coloured mesh, particularly in bright sunshine, particularly when looking in the direction of the sun.

You can’t and your horse can’t!

And today I am not going to apologise for my directness, exclamation marks, or the ranting and raving.

If you put anything other than a black or ultra dark coloured mesh flyveil on your horse, you are reducing his vision.

And a horse with reduced vision is so much more likely to injure himself out in the paddock.

Whilst yes, some horses with good vision, who are pretty chilled out might ‘cope’ and get by without you noticing too much of an issue (they just won’t enjoy it).

A light or bright flyveil however, placed on a young horse, a playful horse, an exuberant horse, or an older horse with already deteriorating vision – well the outcome may not be so pretty.

They may not see low hanging tree branches.

They may not see the fencing clearly.

And that can only ever lead to trouble.

Don’t believe me?

Go try it for yourself.

Take some white or brightly coloured mesh, go outside in the bright summer sunshine, put the mesh over your eyes, and try to see through it.

Look all around you and try to focus on objects, both away and into the direct sunlight.

Now, take some black mesh, and look through it in the same way.

I bet you just discovered the difference.

How much more clearly could you see through the black?

I bet very.

Now, would you like an illustrative example?

Once apon a time, Toby (One Stop Horse Shop Co-Owner) himself had a pony (this was many years ago but pony is still looking fabulous at 34 right now, just in case you’re wondering!). Said pony, was a little grey arab cross mare.

One day, she broke her flyveil. In the middle of summer.

The flies were driving her nuts – so Toby and his folks trotted on out to their local horse store.

The only flyveil they had – was beige. Uh oh!

But as it was the only choice in the store – they bought it home – and put it on this courageous little grey mare.

Later in the day, Toby stared in disbelief across the paddocks. Grey pony mare was behaving very strangely, wobbling as she walked, and bumping in to the fences. It was all very odd indeed.

Much panic ensued, thinking she may be sick. Snake bite? Colic? A mystery disease?

But funnily enough, after a thorough check over, it was when they finally decided to take the flyveil off – that she miraculously returned to her normal bright and cheerful self.

It was indeed the fact that she had been completely blinded by the beige flyveil.

Toby and his folks never used anything but black again.

And as I said, this pony is still kicking 15 years later – and has never had a vision problem in her lifetime.

Yet I see so many (and often very experienced) horsey folk continuing to use lighter coloured mesh flyveils.

And I see so many flyveil makers and manufacturers selling lighter coloured mesh.

It looks pretty, funny, or matches other gear you see.

And I’m sure many of you will defend the lighter, brighter colours that you choose – and that’s your prerogative.

But I seriously invite you to test the theory yourself.

If you have different coloured flyveils – go look through them yourself.

It may well blow your mind.

And if this post saves just one single horse from having to crash his way around his paddock because he can’t see through his glaringly bright flyveil – my job will be done.

So whilst I have no intention of trying to offend anyone…and please do not feel guilty or sad if you have used light or bright colours on your horse before…as I certainly did the same as a teenager too (before I knew better!).

Bu if you have a light or bright coloured flyveil on your horse right now, you might like to remove it fairly soon.

In fact – throw them in the bin.

And go buy a black one.

It’s an investment that might save you from a hefty vet bill.

It may even save your horses life.

Black is best for flyveils.


No doubt about it.


Owner/Manager One Stop Horse Shop
Founder of the Horsey Mums Collective

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