Cavallo Simple Ride Fly Mask

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These great fly masks attach to, and go over your bridle, to protect your horses eyes whilst you ride.

An easy, neat, no-fuss solution - particularly for horses who get irritable and are sensitive to insects.


  • Protects against flies, insects, dust and debris.
  • Exceptionally transparent, durable and comfortable.
  • Provides U.V. Protection.
  • Lightweight-Comfortable-Simple to Use.
  • Simply attach to your bridle using the velcro fasteners.
  • Can stay attached to bridle at all times.
  • Use with all types of bridles, including snaffle, double, western, bosal and hackamore.
  • Not recommended for use while jumping.
  • Eliminates the need to use fly spray while riding.

Black currently available (we don't recommend the use of white flyveils).


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