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CLEARANCE: Savvy Touch Hoof Paste 500g

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In a base of NZ’s best bee’s wax, packed with TAMANU oil, MANUKA oil, COD LIVER oil, BIOTIN, VITAMIN A, ZINC, APRICOT KERNEL EXTRACT.

This product will rebalance the moisture content of the HOOF. Bee’s wax is natures gortex, repels excess water allows the correct moisture in. The TAMANU oil is slightly heating & aids in beautiful new growth from the coronet down. The MANUKA oil is anti septic so apply down the wall & especially over the sole during shoeing when the sole has been cleaned.

The BIOTIN, VITAMIN A etc add the strength & suppleness to the wall & give the incredible shine!


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21st Nov 2014

The BEST hoof paste

It's brilliant - not just for hooves but seems to have a great healing effect when applied to small cuts, wounds, rub marks and the like.