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Donnybrook Hoof - Natural Conditioner

SLS & PARABEN FREE Carefully formulated to nourish hair and skin and promote healthy hair growth, leaving your horse soft, smooth and shiny. Contains Aloe Vera to soothe the skin. We suggest using our Natural Shampoo first to remove built up dirt...

Donnybrook Hoof - Outdoor Lotion (Insect Repellent)

All natural lotion combined with selected aromatic essential oils, that insects dislike. Two varieties available - Rosemary & Cedarwood or Citronella & Lavendar. Size: 250ml lotion, 250ml spray, 500ml lotion. Contains: Deionized water, natural...

Donnybrook Hoof - Hoofstik

Used for the treatment of damaged hooves, thrush, seedy toe and abscess.  Can also be used as a cosmetic application. Designed to assist with:     Nourishing damaged hoof cells     Filling cracks, missing hoof and nail...