Horze Athena Snaffle Bridle


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As reviewed by the One Stop Horse Shop team:

This bridle is super duper awesome! It's got class, it's got style. And it won't break the bank!

It has that little bit of sophisticated bling, without being too crazy over-the-top.

The classy dropped browband has inlaid sparkly crystal type 'thingymebobs'. They work well at catching the sunlight and dazzling everyone around you. And because they are inlaid, they so totally won't fall off.

The single style headpiece is well padded and is 'ergonomically-shaped'. By that, we mean its curved appropriately to fit around your sensitive ponies delicate ears.

The hanovarian noseband also features leather padding for greater nasal comfort.

The throat latch has buckles on BOTH sides! An unusual feature, that could make sense for you, if your magnificent steed decides that he would prefer not to have you on any particular side, at any particular time. Anyone got one of those precious creatures?

The Stainless-Steel buckles are pretty and silver. The 'bit attaching buckles' are indeed BUCKLES - not billets. Wahooo!

It has surely been made for speed - with the fancy lightening shaped Horze 'Z' logo on one side :p

What's more - the 'Z' is red, and red always goes faster *cue the 'ooohhhs' and *ahhhhs'*.

It also has rather elegant, detailed stitching that not only looks great, but has been finished to perfection - which means we can assure you that this bridle is made to last.

It doesn't come with any reins though, drat it! But before you panic, it's ok. This bridle is so special it doesn't need them. But if you do feel the need for reins, this allows you to choose your own - according to your preferences. Yay!

Our personal favourite reins, are these: J&L Soft Nappa Reins.

Sizes start at Shetland, and go right through to Extra Large - so whether you ride a teeny tiny fluffy pony or a super-sized mammoth, you can deck them all out.

From Horze:

Bright bold white crystals accent the curved browband of this lovely snaffle bridle.

The ergonomically-shaped crownpiece of this traditional snaffle provides ultimate comfort at the horse's poll.

The soft leather is padded at the noseband for comfort.

Reins not included.

Lovely, elegant bridle, at a great price!


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