The team at One Stop Horse Shop are forever looking for ways of improving our products and service for our customers. As part of our continuous search for improvements, we have now done everything we possibly can to make our stock feed prices in Smythesdale, as low as possible!

Prices have been cut on nearly all of our pre-packaged pelleted and muesli feeds, as of today! Chaff & grains are remaining basically the same for the moment, but we are planning on having some regular bulk buy specials - so watch out for these in the coming weeks!

The new prices can be found on our website in the Stock Feed - Smythesdale Only section. Keep in mind we don't have every product listed in stock, but we can order them in.

As a small sample:

Hygain Allrounder - $12.00 (permanently!)

Mitavite Gumnuts - $26.00

Hygain Tru Care - $25.00

Coprice NutriRice Versatile - $24.00

Prydes Easi Result - $28.00

So now, there is no excuse to go anywhere else, as great stock feed prices are right here in Smythesdale! 

Support a passionate and enthusiastic local family owned business - as the more support we receive - the more we can grow and continue to increase our range of products and services - which ultimately will help you! :)