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Donnybrook Hoof - Crack Repair Pack

INCLUDES: CRACK REPAIR 500 ML, HOOFSTIK 40G CRACK REPAIR Designed to nourish deep within the keratin cells of the hoof. Reduces the potential for stressing and cracking to appear in the outer wall layer. Ideal for treating verticle cracking, sand/minor...
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Donnybrook Hoof - Hoof Repair Pack

INCLUDES: HOOF WASH 500 ML, HOOFSTIK 40G, CRACK REPAIR 500 ML. Damage caused by various ailments can quickly result in further problems, if your horse has suffered from either Seedy Toe/ White Line, Thrush, Abscess, Punctures, Severe Cracking, Heel...

Donnybrook Hoof - Hoofstik

Used for the treatment of damaged hooves, thrush, seedy toe and abscess.  Can also be used as a cosmetic application. Designed to assist with:     Nourishing damaged hoof cells     Filling cracks, missing hoof and nail...
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Equinade Hoof Grease 1kg

Equinade Hoof Grease 1kg

Equinde Hoof Grease is a unique blend of animal fats, natural oils and Stockholm tar. Its regular use will keep the hoof horn structure supple and resilient by preventing excessive evaporation in dry weather and absorption of moisture in wet weather...
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Donnybrook Hoof - Hoof Moisturiser

 A general maintenance moisturiser, used to encourage a healthy hoof that is supple and retains a good lustre.  Replenishes the oils deep into the cells.The hoof is exposed to a range of elements and it is important to provide protection.Size:...