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Rubber Bit Guards Pk/2

Rubber bit guards will fit any ring snaffle bit and is used for protection against chafing and pinching. An easy and economical way to protect sensitive mouths. Pack of 2.

Superfine Wemouth Set

Stainless Steel Fine fixed mouthpiece with medium size port. Shank Length measured from bottom of mouth piece from 65mm (6.5cm)Lightweight superfine eggbutt bradoon completes the set. Rings Measure from top to bottom 45mm(4.5cm)

Oz Bitz Sweet Iron Snaffle w/Standard Mouth

The new OZ BITZ Sweet Iron Bits are long wearing and will give years of service. Our new range of bits are made by craftsmen who have an eye for details and quality. The shaped sweet iron mouth piece will rust, giving full flavour which stimulates...