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Zoetis Equest Plus Tape

Description: Equest® Plus Tape contains moxidectin and praziquantel, sufficient to treat a horse of up to 575 kg. Controls tapeworm, bots and gastrointestinal roundworms including adult and encysted stages and benzimidazole resistant strains of...
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WSD Fenbendazole 100

$79.95 - $369.95
Equivalent to: iO Fenbender 100, Coopers Panacur 100  WSD Fenbendazole 100 is an Oral Anthelmintic for the control of benzimidazole sensitive roundworms and lungworms in cattle, and large and small strongyles, ascarids, and...

iO EquiDuo Liquid Equine Wormer

$52.95 - $139.95
iO Equiduo is a liquid tape wormer broad spectrum wormer & boticide for horses. Active Constituent: 10mg/ml Ivermectin and 75mg/ml Praziquantel (Ultramax equivalent) iO Equiduo (Ivermectin and Praziquantel) has been formulated for administration by...