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Rubber Bit Guards Pk/2

Rubber bit guards will fit any ring snaffle bit and is used for protection against chafing and pinching. An easy and economical way to protect sensitive mouths. Pack of 2.

Landsborough Economy Eventing Bridle (Black)

Landsborough Economy Eventing Bridle features a lightly padded brow and Hanoverian noseband and continental web reins. Buckle billets on the cheeks and reins. The Landsborough range of fine saddlery is a salute to generations of fine equestrian...

Jeremy & Lord Weymouth Bridle

Combining exceptional quality and value, Jeremy & Lord® Fine Bridleware will satisfy the needs of the most discerning equestrian. Handmade by skilled artisans trained in the best British tradition, whose price of craftsmanship can be seen...

Jeremy & Lord Transition Bridle

The Jeremy & Lord® Transition Bridle head has 2 browbands! One with bling - and one plain - for all occasions! Hanoverian Crank noseband and brow have white piping and padding. Combining exceptional quality and value, Jeremy & Lord®...
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Norfolk Leather Cross-Under Bitless Bridle w/Reins

Norfolk Leather Cross-Under Bitless Bridle w/Reins

This leather bitless bridle features a cross-under design, which works to put pressure on a horses opposite side of their head, to push the head across, rather than pull. This style is similar to a No-Bit or Dr Cooks bitless bridle - which can be...

Superfine Wemouth Set

Stainless Steel Fine fixed mouthpiece with medium size port. Shank Length measured from bottom of mouth piece from 65mm (6.5cm)Lightweight superfine eggbutt bradoon completes the set. Rings Measure from top to bottom 45mm(4.5cm)