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Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Formula in Pellets

$40.50 - $102.00
A regular maintenance dose is 1 scoop (50g) per day (ie 150 days supply in one bucket). However, every horse is different so the dosage can be varied depending on type and confirmation of your horse.If you are starting with badly damaged or weak hoof...

Donnybrook Hoof - Hoofstik

Used for the treatment of damaged hooves, thrush, seedy toe and abscess.  Can also be used as a cosmetic application. Designed to assist with:     Nourishing damaged hoof cells     Filling cracks, missing hoof and nail...

Equinade Hoof Grease 1kg

Equinde Hoof Grease is a unique blend of animal fats, natural oils and Stockholm tar. Its regular use will keep the hoof horn structure supple and resilient by preventing excessive evaporation in dry weather and absorption of moisture in wet weather...
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Effol Hoof Ointment 500ml

Description • Effol Hoof Ointment is the classic product which has proved its value for over 100 years.• The original Effol Hoof Ointment ensures healthy hoof growth and also has a disinfecting effect.• The combination of laurel and...

Ranvet Hoof Food 2kg

Ranvet HOOF FOOD is a supplement which acts to improve hoof wall strength and thickness; promote thicker soles, deeper heels, healthier frogs; speed recovery following corn and stone bruise removal. Regrowth of cracked and damaged hoof walls is...
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