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Himalayan Natural Salt Lick

$10.95 - $18.95
Suitable for horses and other livestock, this rock salt lick is a perfect mineral supplement that they can use at any time. Hang it in the paddock or stable with the handy rope attachment. Perfect for summer when essential salts are lost through sweating...

Vetsense Gen-Pack Copper Sulphate

$18.99 - $58.95
Suitable for use in a variety of animal health applications and traditional remedies Copper Sulphate, also known as Bluestone, is widely used for a variety of animal health applications and traditional remedies including: control of fungal diseases,...

Poseidon Equine Digestive EQ

$120.00 - $399.00
This digestive EQ equine supplement is a unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients specifically formulated to support the digestive and immune systems of your horse. If your horse suffers from lacklustre hoof or coat condition,...

Virbac Founderguard

$88.00 - $247.50
FOUNDERGUARD® reduces the risk of laminitis in horses and ponies when fed in conjunction with high grain diets. RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON: Horses on high grain diets e.g. gallopers, pacers, eventers and show hacks Horses grazing lush pastures...

Cen Omega 3 Oil

$69.99 - $285.00
THE HIGHEST OMEGA 3 OIL ON THE MARKET   POWERFUL NATURAL OMEGA 3 BOOST - 100% NATURAL PLANT BASED OIL WITH ANTIOXIDANTS   Balancing the immune system Protecting joints and ligaments Decreasing nervousness Improving heart and blood...

Vetsense Gen-Pack Sulphur Powder

$10.95 - $22.95
Vetsense Gen Packs Sulphur Powder is a mineral supplement to correct dietary sulphur deficiencies. It is a bright yellow powder obtained from naturally-occurring volcanic brimstone deposits. Vetsense Gen Packs re-packaged raw materials are supplied for...

Wombaroo Impact Colostrum Supplement

$38.95 - $69.99
Wombaroo Impact is a colostrum supplement to aid the immune function of newborn mammals and marsupial joeys. Key Features Contains colostrum powder, a rich source of immunoglobulin which may assist with immunity. Added lactoferrin &...

Rose Hip Vital Equine

$159.00 - $319.00
Rose-Hip Vital Equine is a plant-based anti-inflammatory and immune system support for your horse’s joint health and general wellbeing. Made from rosehips manufactured with patented processes, Rose-Hip Vital® Equine is a scientifically and...

Di-Vetelact Low Lactose Milk Supplement

$21.99 - $33.99
Di-Vetelact is a low lactose animal supplement ideal for use as a milk replacer. Can be used on kittens, puppies, foals, kids, calves, fawns, piglets and native animals. Also can be used as a supplement for older animals 95% lactose free...

Zagrosol AD3E

$68.00 - $319.00
Zagrosol AD3E is a balanced formulation of fat-soluble vitamins formulated to prevent and treat vitamin deficiencies. Supplementation of vitamin A, D3 and E via drinking water, will effectively improve the availability of these nutrients especially...

Livamol Coat Conditioner

$21.99 - $120.00
Livamol is a palatable blend of proteins, energy and polyunsaturated oil formulated to improve coat condition and general appearance of all stock, including stud and show animals. LIVAMOL is especially appropriate for young, aged and convalescing animals...

Vetsense Gen-Packs Brewers Yeast

$19.99 - $62.99
Brewers yeast is a rich souce of B complex vitamins and is a source of vitamins and other nutrients essential for muscle growth and performance. • 100% Premium Food Grade.• Suitable for horses and dogs.