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Basic Hoof Pick (Coated Handle)

Basic steel horse hoof pick with pvc coated handle. Assorted colours - chosen randomly (or state your colour preference in your order comments).

Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap

$14.95 - $24.95
For cleaning and renovating saddles. Also can be used for car upholstery and leather coats. Will not rub off.

HandsOn Grooming Gloves

Grooming your horse is a bonding experience. Hands On Gloves allow you to truly connect during the process. Hands On Glove's nodules give a really deep clean and collect deepest loose hairs. These gloves are the best de-shedding product on the...
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Enjoy one of Breyer's most popular activities at home! Stablemates painting! Five horses, each base coated and ready to paint, and a sheet of pop-out accessories can also be painted to create a fun scene with your horses! Includes: 5 Stablemates horses,...
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STC Hoof Trim Kit

A great idea for the do it yourself farrier. Save money by trimming hooves with this handy kit! Hoof Trim Kit contains:  Rasp  Rasp handle  Hoof Nippers  Hoof Knife

NTR Sculpting Stick 75g

The NTR Sculpting Stick has been specifically designed and tested in consultation with Horse Presentation Specialists. Packed full of gorgeous natural beeswax, it slicks down those pesky fly aways hairs and makes sculpting the perfect plaits and braids...
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