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Flyveils By Design Budget Fly Masks

Quality Australian made flyveils, by "Flyveils By Design". Adjustable head strap 70%+ UV Block-out Made from strong mesh and black edging Velcro brand adjustment for a perfect fit Colour:...

Flyveils By Design Extended Nose Fly Masks

Quality Australian made flyveils, by "Flyveils By Design". This Flyveil includes an extended nose cover, contoured around the horses nose to provide extra protection from sun and flies...

Jodhpur Clips (Pair)

Simple little clips to keep you joddies where you want them, when wearing short boots. Just clip to one side of your joddies, pass under your short boots, and clip to the other side. ...

Basic Hoof Pick (Coated Handle)

Basic steel horse hoof pick with pvc coated handle. Assorted colours - chosen randomly (or state your colour preference in your order comments).

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Leather Pocket Knife Pouch

$43.95 - $44.95
Leather Pocket Knife Pouch An economical leather pouch which fits vertically on your belt. This Genuine pouch is manufactured using genuine full grain brown leather. Key Features: Brown...

Ranvet Rutin Mix

$64.95 - $402.00
Bioflavanoid, mineral and vitamin supplement for horses. Bioflavanoid compounds have been shown to aid in the prevention and treatment of 'bleeding' in racehorses which has been caused by capillary...

Ranvet Neutrolene

Ranvet Neutrolene Neutralises Excess Lactic Acid In The Blood And Muscle, And Aids In The Treatment And Prevention Of Dehydration, Acidosis And Myopathy/ Tying Up. Specifically Formulated For...

Ranvet Salkavite

$55.00 - $299.00
Ranvet Salkavite Supplies A Concentrated Source Of All Critical Electrolytes & B-Group Vitamins, Premium grade Electrolyte and B-Group Vitamin Replacer. Features Supplies a concentrated...

Ausmectin Sheep Drench

$69.95 - $250.00
Active Constituents 0.8g/L Ivermectin Features Ewes may be treated at any stage of pregnancy Safe for sheep of all ages For the treatment & control of lung worm itch mite all...



An update on Prince the rescue horse...

An update on Prince the rescue horse...

A little while ago I introduced you to my rescue horse 'Prince'. But if you missed it, Prince is a 7 year old Thoroughbred, who was given to me in a very poor state back in January.As with any neglect …
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Do you struggle to get your horse on the float?

Do you struggle to get your horse on the float?

Do you struggle with float loading?It's pretty common! And ever so frustrating, particularly when you're running late for a lesson or event.But it can also be quite dangerous. If an emergency strikes …
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Introducing my new Prince (Charming?)...

Introducing my new Prince (Charming?)...

So about 6 weeks ago, I ended up with a new horse.Wasn't exactly planned, but I just couldn't resist.And I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about here...The conversation with my husband went a lit …
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