Six Super Simple Spring Shedding Season Solutions!

Today is officially the first day of Spring! Hooray! And as we look forward to longer days, and warmer weather (which might hopefully appear soon?!), the inevitable horse hair shedding season begins. Ick! So we thought it timely to dig out last years blog post to give you our Six Super Simple Spring Shedding Season Solutions!

Utilise these super smart, simple tips to ensure you survive the hair blizzard and retain your sanity!

1. Regular grooming

The more time you spend grooming, the better off you will be! So get out that trusty rubber curry comb and give those arm muscles a good workout. Why go to the gym, when a vigorous grooming session can help develop your arm muscles and make your horse happy at the same time!

2. Waterproof, non stick clothing

To avoid hair from sticking to your clothes, go for waterproof type materials that won't allow all that hair to stick. Whatever you do, do not wear polar fleece, tracksuits or anything 'nice'. Choose either a waterproof type jacket, a rain poncho or even just cut holes in a large plastic garbage bag for your head and arms to keep the worst of the hair off. It may not look particularly sophisticated, but your car, lounge suite and washing machine (or possibly your mother!) will thank you!

3. An easy-clean surface

If you can, stand your horse on a concrete or brick surface, whilst you groom. This way it is easier to sweep up the hair and bag and bin it. If you don't have access to a sturdy surface, and don't want hair blowing around the countryside, pick a patch of short dry-ish grass so you can at least rake the worst of the hair up. If you agist, many properties insist you pick up as much hair as possible, so keep that in mind. And that brings us neatly to number 4 >

4. Clever cleaning supplies

Hair is annoying. It flies, it dances, it swarms, it clings and it creeps. Arm yourself with the appropriate tools to contain it! Depending on the surface you have available to you for grooming (plus any others you need to clean), you may need a sturdy broom or a rake, or both. Then you need large, sturdy, plastic bin bags to scoop it all in to. If you buy the ones with the draw string tops, it makes life much easier - just scoop it all in, tie and dump.

5. Pick your weather conditions

If your horse is shedding particularly badly, it makes good sense to avoid the wind (no one likes a mouthful of horse hair and dust!). If you must groom on a windy day, try and take shelter against or inside a shed or stable. This will help limit the amount of hair that goes flying all over you and anyone and anything around you.

6. Choose the right products!

There are millions of different grooming products on the market these days, many of which promise the earth and cost a small fortune. In our minds - simple is best! We go for the good old fashioned, cheap rubber curry comb, a good quality dandy brush for mud, and a body brush for loose hair and shine! We also find the Magic Grooming Blocks are great for quickly and easily removing dead hair, and at $4.95 it won't break the bank!

So there you have it - six super simple suggestions for spring shedding season (could we get anymore 'S's into that sentence?)! Plan your attack on that pesky hair, so you don't end up pulling your own out in frustration!

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