4168-bp6-269x370.jpgA body protector or safety vest is an important piece of equipment. For maximum effectiveness, it is vital that the vest fits correctly. It should be snug when worn over light clothing, and other warmer clothing can be placed over the top if required.

When fitted correctly the vest should cover the following areas of your body:

  • The whole circumfrance of the torso.
  • The front should reach to at least 25cm below the last rib. At the side it should reach the pelvis and the back should extend at least 15cm below the top of the pelvis on an adult.
  • The front of the vest should reach near the top of the sternum below the chin. The back should cover the 7th cervical vertebra which is the prominent bone at the base of the neck.

Adults Sizing

Size Chest Girth (cm)
Waist Girth (cm)
Over Shoulder Length (cm)
Large 100-110 88-98 94-104
Medium 92-102 80-90 85-95
Small 84-94 72-82 85-95


Childs Sizing

 Size Chest Girth (cm)
Waist Girth (cm)
 Over Shoulder Length (cm)
 Extra Large  76-86 66-74 75-85
 Large  72-80 59-67 75-85
 Medium  66-74 54-62 66-76
 Small  60-67 48-56 57-67


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