Do you struggle to get your horse on the float?

Do you struggle with float loading?

It's pretty common! And ever so frustrating, particularly when you're running late for a lesson or event.

But it can also be quite dangerous. If an emergency strikes and you need to move your horse quickly - you want to know that your horse will load, no matter what!

And if you're not confident in getting your horse on - combine a nervous handler with a terrified horse - and it becomes quite a precarious situation...

Yet you don't want to FORCE your horse on to the float. This may get the job done, but it won't make for a happy journey or experience, for you or your horse.

And trust me - a horse who has been TAUGHT TO FEEL OK about going on to a float, makes the whole task far more pleasant.

So to start with, we need to look at things from the horses point of view. For us - it often seems like a pretty simple request, and it's easy to get frustrated when our horses won't cooperate.

But horses are naturally claustrophobic. They hate dark, confined spaces. To them, a float is a noisy, metal box, on wheels, that moves unpredictably. It's scary!

I mean seriously, who knows what crocodiles or monsters might be lurking at the back of that noisy metal box? :p

When you ask your horse to go on to a float - you're asking them to override and ignore every single survival instinct they have. And if they've already had a bad experience and learnt to fear the float, well, that makes things even harder for them.

Yet luckily - if you go about things the RIGHT way, it's really not that difficult. In fact - it can be really 'easy peasy'!

Even if you or your horse have had bad experiences before.

It simply takes the right, gentle strategy - and a little bit of patience :)

Recently we put together our very own float loading online course. We don't want to see any horse or owner in distress, over something that really can be so simple.

Our method allows a horse to get comfortable and confident about getting on to a float! It's easy, basically fool-proof, and gentle - so much so that even our 6 year old son can do it!

And this weekend, we've got a special discount on our Easy Peasy Float Loading Course.

Normally, the course sells at $47 - less than most riding lessons.

For the next few days however, we've made it available at the discounted price of just $7.00.

For the price of a nice milkshake - you could have that beautiful equine of yours, float loading calmly and quickly - ready for your next clinic or event!

Hassle free float loading - what bliss!

Find out more here:

I really hope you find it useful :)

Sarah xoxoxox

P.S We also have a course on Saddle Fitting Basics which we offer for FREE! You can also access this here: