Riding Boots That Last - Rather TOO Long!

You are trudging out to the paddock to feed the horses, and suddenly realise your socks are sopping wet. It's freezing cold, you can't feel your fingers, and now you have wet feet.

Darn it! Yet another pair of leaky riding boots! Letting you down when you need them the most.

I once had that problem. Your riding boots would be going great guns all summer, but then the first hit of autumn or winter rain, and you discover the seemingly inevitable seepage, with that first puddle you stumble in to (probably in the dark, when it's minus 5 outside!).

The problem being, that many horse riding boots, are NOT built to last. It's frustrating hey - when you are spending good money on a pair of riding boots, that then only last 6 months. But you don't want to spend $300 either!

Yet the pair of boots I now wear, have lasted for the past 5 years. They are stylish, comfortable and amazingly, seem to last – for a VERY long time.

I have worn them constantly too. Around the farm fixing fences, trudging across waterlogged paddocks, feeding horses, riding horses - hell, even going out shopping or to dinner (with a bit of a scrub!). And yep, they do look great as dress boots, under a pair of Wrangler jeans.

I even helped build and paint our Smythesdale shop in them, and over 12 months later, despite the odd splatter of paint, they are still going strong.

It's almost disappointing that they… JUST. WONT. DIE! I'm hanging for an excuse to get another pair, that aren't splattered in white paint. But hubby says - if it aint broke, you don't need more! Grrrr...

But what are these magical boots you ask? (SHHHHH...It's a secret...)

It’s the Horze Classic Boots!

Do they cost a bomb, I hear you ask? Am I going to have to sell my left arm to purchase a pair?

Are they $300? $200 even?


At only $99 they are pretty darn affordable. Particularly if you use AfterPay.

Handily, they come in both black and dark brown, to suit any style requirement. (And look great paired with nice chaps or gaiters!)

The sizing is European though, so as a general rule, a size 36, will equal an Aussie Womens Size 6. A size 37 will equal an Aussie Womens Size 7, and so on.

So if you are ready to make a smart investment, and ditch your soggy riding boots, possibly for the next 5 years , you can...

Grab your non-leaky, smart looking pair of jodhpur boots right here >

(Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. We don't mind if you purchase a pair every second year, after all!)


P.S If you are lazy, and can’t be bothered scraping the mud off, I highly recommend purchasing two pairs. One for riding, and one for going out.

P.P.S If you manage to get your husband to agree to two pairs, please let me know how you convinced him...so I can convince mine...

P.P.P.S Are you still hanging around reading this? Get your boots here >

P.P.P.P.S Some sizes are in stock, others might take a week to order in.